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The SAK Ensemble is a group of professional improvisation comedians from divergent backgrounds. Some of the best and brightest improv performers in the nation can be seen right here at SAK. The professional company performs up to 6 shows a week on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The improvisers appear regularly in an improv show called "Duel of Fools," a SAK signature style of competitive improvisation.

In addition to Duel of Fools, SAK's ensemble performs in many different forms and styles of improv shows such as The Audition, SAK Request Live and Rub a Dub Dub, to name just a few.

Many of our professional ensemble will also make appearances for SAK in our corporate shows and shows booked for off-site venues.

Our Ensemble performers can also be seen in many of the entertaining shows at area Theme Parks, as well as other local attractions and local theaters. And for many others, SAK was the launching pad to successful careers in Hollywood and New York.

Click their names on the right to see who's doing what. And for those who've gone on to other cities, check "Where Are They Now."