Check back often for new and weekend only specials!

Skooled & Served!

Every Thursday Night Students and Hospitality Industry Professionals and Employees get in to SAK's signature improv comedy show "Duel of Fools" for only $5!!!

Just bring your current ID with you and enjoy free popcorn (come early, it's not a bottomless well).

SAK Extended Play!

You can stay for our second show for only 5 bucks!!
Liked the show so much you can't get enough? Then stick around. We'll even sweeten the deal - (actually we'll salten the deal) and give you a free bag of popcorn with your $5 ticket. It's like watching one of those marathons on "Nick at Night." Twice the comedy, half the price.

This offer is good for any 2 show nights. Just let the cashier know you want the Extended Play Special. You can purchase both tickets at once or make your decision after the first show. It's your choice.