Q: What's that birthday scene they did?

A: That was the Slice of Life!! The talented SAK Performers re-enact true-life experiences from members of the audience. Honor your friends by arranging a special "Slice of Life" just for them during any Duel of Fools show, on Friday or Saturday. You fill out a questionnaire with gathered stories about your friend or family member and then surprise them by making them the star of the show. "Slice of Life" is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding celebrations and going away parties. The "Slice of Life" is a gift that your friends will remember for the rest of their lives.

A "Slice of Life" can happen on Fridays or Saturdays with special advance arrangements and reservations. Cost is $150 and includes free admission for the lucky Slice recipient. For an extra $25 a SAK videographer will record a DVD keepsake of the segment!

Call Gina at (407) 648-0001 (Office hours, Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-5PM). These "Slice of Life" scene sell out fast, so call 407-648-0001 right away to find out if the date you need is available.