All these folks have performed at SAK. Of course the most obvious and most noteable is Wayne Brady. But each of these folks has been seen regularly on network TV or has worked behind the scenes on network shows or blockbuster movies.

We'll have more details on what they're doing shortly.

Dee Bradley Baker
Does Voice Overs. Did you see the credits for "Sponge Bob the Movie?" Dee did several of those voices.

Wayne Brady
His big break came on "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Since then he's had his own variety show, a string of television and movie appearances, won a couple of Emmy's and hosted his own talk show. WOW. He still schedules a number of live appearances throughout the year.

Karey Kirkpatrick
He's someone you may not have seen on the big screen but surely you've seen his work. Karey is a USC Film School graduate and has written over 2 dozen films - most notably "James and the Giant Peach," and "Chicken Run."

Jonathan Mangum
Jonathan has had numerous television appearances including a recurring spot on the Drew Carey show and as a regular on the Wayne Brady show. He also was a regular on Drew Carey's Green Screen show. Or you may have seen him in one of the over 50 commercials he has shot.

Joel McCrary
Joel is a star of both television and film, with credits including "Princess Diaries," and "Princess Diaries 2," "American Beauty," and "Mystery Men." Joel can also be seen in the upcoming "Howl's Moving Castle" with Christian Bale. Joel has also been seen in numerous television appearances, most notably as the mechanic at the vending machine in "Seinfeld."

Paula Pell
Paula has one of those amazing Hollywood stories that actually happened in New York. Lorne Michaels saw her in a demo tape and brought her to New York where she soon joined the writing ranks of "Saturday Night Live," soon rising to the rank of producer for the show. This season she's executive producer of a network sitcom - "Thick & Thin."

Aaron Shure
Another one of those behind the scenes marvels, Aaron found his niche as a television writer scoring first with George & Leo then scoring bigger as writer and eventually producer on "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Paul Vogt
After many film and television appearances, Paul landed a spot on "The Rerun Show." From there he moved to "Mad TV," where he can now be seen regularly.

Matt Young
Matt appeared in a grand list of television commercials and was most recently seen on PAX TV's "World Cup of Comedy," (Executive Producer Kelsey Grammer)