Level 1
Discover the joy of spontaneity through improvisation. The art of thinking and acting without the foggiest idea what comes next. Learn exercises and games that build confidence and improve listening. The focus is on playing together, energy, commitment, teamwork, trust, making others look good, and the basic rules of "Yes, and..." and "No Blocking."

Session consists of 8 two-hour classes and tuition is $225.

Level 2
Using the basics of improvisation as learned in IMPROV I, students are introduced to narrative storytelling and scenework. The focus is on building scenes with beginning, middle, and end as well as the importance of relationship, conflict, set up and resolution in a scene. Students will also be introduced to more games from the SAK playbook.

Session consists of 8 three-hour classes and tuition is $275.

Level 3
This is where students learn to combine their IMPROV I and IMPROV II skills and delve deeper into the world of narrative and character. The class focuses on creating stories with interesting characters and developing the skills of working together with scene partners. Emphasis is on characters with a purpose and stories of substance. As with the I and II level classes, students will be introduced to more games and scene variations, as well as other forms of improvisation - namely Transformations, etc.

Session consists of 8 three-hour classes and tuition is $275.

Level 4
This is where it all gets put together. This level is a performance track to prepare students for what it's like to put on a show. Students will continue to focus on storytelling and character building, and will be introduced to more games and show techniques. Level IV students will practice using SAK Comedy Lab's "Duel of Fools" format and the class will culminate in a wildly entertaining Graduation Show complete with an invited audience to cheer them on!

Session consists of 8 three-hour classes and tuition is $275.

Quantum Improv
Pre-requisite: Workshop participants must have completed at least Level 2 improv training at SAK University or comparable.
This Master Class is a great and rare opportunity to work with SAK Artistic Director Dave Russell to develop and discover some break-through improv techniques and strategies in your improv work. This class uses a scientific model as a theoretical base for successful improvisation, namely Newton’s Laws of Motion - A body at rest will stay at rest until a force moves it. Then that body will stay in motion until some force stops it. That’s all there is to it. We just change “improv” or “improv scene” for “body.”

We’ll look at the forces (improv choices and habits) that inhibit forward progression, and those that promote forward progression. We’ll then work to limit the one and enhance the other.

This course is not for the faint of heart, or the improviser with a sensitive ego. Your inhibiting habits will be recognized, called out, and challenged directly. Dave Russell will offer detailed analysis and review of your improv work and give you specific tips and hints to replace inhibiting choices with other options that will help you propel your improv forward. The payoff will result in a renewed energy in improv and a more fulfilling and powerful improviser.

The class is videotaped and posted on the internet for additional review and study exclusively by workshop participants.

Session consists of 6 three-hour classes and tuition is $200.

Off tha Dome: The Freestyle Rap Workshop
It is one of the fasting growing improvisational arts throughout the world. Millions enthusiastically watch on-line videos of MC’s free-styling rap songs spontaneously. Freestyle Rap is the ultimate skill that every international selling Rap artist from Eminem to Jay Z continues to master. With no pre-written lyrics, sometimes with or without a beat, audiences are wowed at the expertise, showmanship, and passion these artists possess. When our audiences see us do it, they cheer for the creativity and effort. Yet it is a skill that very few improv actors and improv students dare attempt out fear that they might fail onstage with an audience watching. Well we say ‘follow the fear’! Dare to be a fearless performer and reach new levels in your improvisation. In a new ground-breaking workshop, professional MC Thinker St.James and SAK U instructor Richard Regan Paul will show you the mechanics, power, and passion of Freestyle Rap. Elevate your confidence! Learn to improvise a rap anywhere about anything. Soon you’ll be spittin off tha dome! Ya heard!

Class is seasonal, number of classes and price varies.